Which PLUM™ product is right for your organization’s needs?

Plum Laboratories™ offers a wide variety of solutions in different configurations to enable you to get the features, cellular access, accessories, and support that best fits your needs and budget.

The descriptions below will help you understand the options available to you. You can get detailed specifications by clicking the “Learn More” link of each item.

At any time, feel free to speak with one of our Advisors, who can answer any questions you have and guide you through “rightsizing” the solution that will work best for you. Call toll free 1-855-537-9990 to speak with an Advisor.

Plum Case® Basic

The Plum Case® Basic (U.S. Patent 96802008) is designed as both a business continuity solution for smaller organizations and for reliable, high speed internet access for both data and voice communications from one carrier in remote areas.

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Plum Case® Pak

The Plum Case® Pak’s (U.S. Patent 96802008) innovative technology puts the remote access capabilities of our in-case solutions in a hands-free form factor. It is built into the bottom 5 inches of a military grade back pack, leaving the remainder free for other essential gear.

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Plum Case® Extended

Our most popular business continuity solution, the Plum Case® Extended is the perfect blend of power, performance, and reliability in just about any situation. It provides high speed internet access over 4 secure wireless networks in less than five minutes

The Plum Case® Extended (Pat. 9680208) is the perfect business continuity solution for medium size organizations or departments supporting 128 simultaneous users and gives you the highest probability of delivering a usable cellular signal for high speed data and voice communications in extremely remote locations.

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Plum Case® Enterprise

The patented technology of the Plum Case® Enterprise (U.S. Patent 9680208) can failover an entire data center! For voice and data communications the antenna arrays and modem in the Plum Case® Enterprise are powered by either A/C power or by a 1KW battery (must be purchased separately ).


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