Plum Case® Extended Tested During BigX 2016 in Texas

Tim Karney on February 9, 2017, 4:39 am

After the exercise concluded, Josh sent us some pictures of the Plum Case® Extended in operation during the exercise and the following note:

Thanks all for the opportunity to demo the Plum Case® Extended, it performed successfully and met our needs during the exercise. We performed multiple bandwidth tests, and while the returns varied none were deficient. In fact, one speed test returned ~44mbps download speed and ~22mpbs up. We were indeed in an urban area with good cell reception but still... this is good stuff.  Attached are some pictures of the Plum Case® during our exercise.

I will also honestly say that the Plum Case® was an item that we identified as a "success" during the exercise and I believe the product gained a lot of exposure to other exercise participants and observers.”

Plum Laboratories encourages organizations to field test any of our products in the actual locations they plan to use the devices before they buy.

Lee Williams, head of Research and Development at Plum Laboratories, notes, “Our remote connectivity devices can pull in usable cellular signals for high-speed data and voice communications over extreme distances, even if nearby cellular towers are down or overloaded. But no device can capture and deliver a signal everywhere. That is why we have a fifteen day, money-back guarantee on every unit we sell. We do believe that our Plum Case® solutions offer you the highest probability of getting a signal of any connectivity solution on the planet.”

Organizations interested in testing a Plum Case® should contact John Deering, Head Technical Advisor at or call him at (615) 484-7255.

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