NOTE: Below are the generalized features of the Plum Case®. You may wish to view Specifications for additional information.

Extreme Durability

The Plum Case® is contained in a Mil Spec certified shell that is waterproof, impact resistant, and comes with a conditional lifetime guarantee.

It is certified as crushproof, dustproof, and has a latching system, soft grip foldable handle, and is pad lockable. All steel contained within the case is 100% 316 stainless steel hardware.

To ensure waterproofing a high performance gasket is utilized and to ensure pressure equalization is maintained, the case contains an automatic pressure release valve. All cases contain an integrated lid stay, are stackable, and meet airline carry-on regulations.

Pre-Ship Burn In

One major point about quality: All Plum Cases® are “burned in” or operated for 72 hours prior to shipping. We have found that 97%+ of all failures will occur within 72 hours of powering up the electronics. This ensures a high reliability/low failure rate of the Plum Cases® we ship.

The Power Bank

The power bank, which provides an indicator of the exact percentage of charge remaining, will supply the unit from 24 to 72 hours dependent on usage. The power bank may be charged from a multiple number of sources, including but not limited to, the 115V AC/DC adapter (included in all Plum Cases®), an auto (cigarette lighter) adapter, and a solar panel charger. Both the auto adapter and solar panel charger are sold by Plum as accessories.

The power bank also allows two additional output ports for charging laptops, notebooks, notepads, and cellular phones. An adaptor kit is sold as an accessory.

The Gateway

The ruggedized Cradlepoint router/firewall/cellular/wireless gateway (called Gateway) is unique in that it contains a GOBI radio. What this means if the user changes cellular providers, they do NOT have to purchase (and change out) the entire gateway. They only need to change the SIM card and the cellular provider’s firmware is down loaded. This is a huge advantage to entities who may change their cellular providers from time-to-time.

The Gateway provides four wireless SSIDs and three RJ-45 ports each of which (or any combination of which) may be defined with passwords, as a VPN connection or included in a VLAN. Regarding the three RJ-45 ports, the default value is one WAN port and two LAN ports; however, any combination of these ports may be defined as either WAN or LAN ports. The Gateway may utilize either static or dynamic IP addressing schemas.

For its 802.11 wireless connectivity, unlike many gateways, the Plum Case® gateway offers both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wireless – and in a, b, g, n, and ac configurations. We recommend that your devices utilize n and ac; however, you can use any of the configurations.


The Plum Case's highly advanced antennas are world class and built in London, U.K. There are two cellular and two wireless multiple user antennas (for MIMO) and an active GPS antenna. They are connected to the polypropylene case via molecular bonding to polychloroprene and powder coated steel. This provides extreme protection from shock and vibration. The exact frequencies, coverage areas and dB of each of the antennas may be obtained in the specifications section. It is not uncommon for the Plum Case® to receive a signal strength of 4 bars where a cell phone will only receive 1 bar. Additionally, while a cell phone in many cases cannot make a cellular connection, the Plum Case® will due to its highly advanced antenna array. Signal strength is a primary factor in mobile data speed communications.

Note that the antennas are contained within the case. This allows for the Plum Case® to stay waterproof and dustproof; and, eliminates the problem of the antennas being easily dislocated (or worse, knocked off) the unit.


Regarding security, the specifications page contains all of the security attributes contained within the Plum Case. Simply put, however, there is not a more secure platform in a mobile connectivity device than found in the Plum Case.

Cloud Management

Your Plum Case® also includes, as a standard feature, Cloud Management. If you have only one device, local management is fine; however, if you have several devices you may want to manage them via the Enterprise Cloud Manager. You can use either.

Technical Support

Your Plum Case® also includes, as a standard feature, technical support for issues. This is not where you fill out a form and at some point in the future get an e-mail. This is personal phone support and is included as a part of the base price of all Plum Cases®.

As an option, you may purchase additional hours of technical support for projects and configurations such as to set up a VPN or include certain wireless or wired ports in a VLAN, set up a static IP address, etc. Anytime you purchase the Plus Package, these technical support hours (4 annually) are included in the price.


A Limited One Year Warranty is included in the base price of the Plum Case® and includes all components within the case and all Plum Case® accessories. Should you have any issues please call our Support Desk and we will gladly assist you.